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ATA Systems Incorporated

ATA Systems Incorporated is headquartered in Orlando Florida, USA with offices in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It is a Security Product and Service Provider with an international scope, holding rights to all ATA Products in Europe, North, Central, and South America. We specialize in the manufacturing and distributing of incapacitating security products ranging from security systems to personal protection devices.

Designed and manufactured from the finest poly-fiber plastics.
The first of its kind in the world, combining electronic and mechanical...
Presentation for the
Bi and Mono Static Sensors

Carmen I Lahtela, Broker
2816 E Robinson St Orlando, Florida 32801. Tel. Tel: (407) 591 7639 - 1(809) 807 0173

ATA Systems, INC is a premier company focused on green, energy efficient construction solutions. Our green product lines are created with our clients desires for conservations at the forefront. Our innovative eco-solutions replace out-dated and expensive construction methods with the superior performance of new technology.


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