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Trigger Mode
INSTANT: Arms immediately and triggers immediately.
DELAYED: Allows a delay of 15 seconds after triggered.
PANIC: Allows user to instantly trigger the alarm with the push of the panic button.

Allows users to arm/disarm using a remote control or an external keypad.

Tracking Dye (Optional Feature)
Combined with Tactical Defense Spray, this tracking dye lasts up to three weeks on intruders skin.

Black Box
Indicates the reason the alarm was previously triggered.

Siren Buzzer
Includes a dual 110dB siren buzzer for maximum effect.

Alarm output Mode
NC MODE: Allows user to output NC circuit (Normally Close) using external cable.
NO MODE: Allows user to output NO circuit (Normally Open) using external cable.

Power Supply
Power Adapter and Power Supply with rechargeable backup Battery 7AH

Battery Backup
Built in with a rechargeable backup battery 1.2 AH

Remote Monitoring
The long range remote control that detects the signal within 80-100 meters.

Suitable for any environment (the home, vehicle, and workplace). Great for commercial vehicles, factories, warehouse, convenience stores and more.

Environmentally Safe
The Alarm Spray Tactical Defense Spray is organically based, making it safe to use and there are no long term side effects.

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