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The FILIN is a passive linear infrared sensor designed for perimeter protection. The sensor detects thermal radiation from an intruder moving in the detection zone.


The Kord is a perimeter microwave linear security sensor which ensures detection of an intruder traversing protected area. The KORD is intended for installation over fences or on poles at a height of 0.8-0.9 m above the ground. The detection zone consists of 7 sites 30 m long each.

If a protected perimeter is shorter than 210 m, the quantity of sites can be reduced and fewer transceivers be installed. Each transceiver is assigned an individual number. However, an extra site of 30 m long appears between two successively installed Kords.



The YEGER is a quick-installed break-the-wire security complex with a built-in power supply battery.

The complex is intended for detection of an intruder traversing the protected perimeter or objects being moved beyond the perimeter. The YEGER is applied for perimeter protection at car parks, small grounds, etc or for paths and roads protection.

The detecting element is an inconspicuous, thin, easily-breakable, duplex microwire installed along the perimeter of protected area or round objects that need protection. A sound and light alarm is created after the microwire is broken.


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