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Commercial Vehicle Protection Systems

The Commercial Vehicle Protection System is a smart security systems that integrates powerful pepper spray and motion detection technology. This cutting edge advancement in security technology offers unparalleled effectiveness, stopping the toughest of criminals dead in their tracks.

This system is the need-to-have addition to your automotive anti-theft protection. Once activated by remote, the Commercial Vehicle Protection System designed for trucks, protects your vehicle by incapacitating the intruder(s), instantly spraying them with powerful Tactical Defense Spray. Once sprayed with the Tactical Defense Spray, the intruder(s) will experience immediate eye closing, uncomfortable coughing, gagging, and gasping for air. They will also feel an intense burning sensation on their skin. The recovery time for the average person generally take 45 minutes (if provided with fresh air and clean water to wash affected areas.

The Commercial Vehicle Protection System prevents the intruder(s) from hi-jacking and stealing precious cargo, while disabling the intruders ability to flee from the scene of the crime, ultimately leading to their capture.


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