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ATA Systems Incorporated is headquartered in Orlando Florida, USA with offices in Dominican Republic, Middle East, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Puerto Rico.
It is a Security Product and Service Provider with an international scope, holding rights to all ATA Products in Europe, North, Central, and South America. We specialize in the manufacturing and distributing of incapacitating security products ranging from security systems to personal protection devices.

We are currently selling in throughout Europe, North America, Central America and South America and continue to expand globally.

We strive to supply our customers with security products that offer results, providing products that are as reliable as they are effective.

Products and solutions: ATA Systems offers a range of product lines for companies and home users: Perimeter Defense Systems, Smoke Screen and Pepper Spray alarms, Security Briefcases, Police equipment, gun storage, SIP Housing and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. All its solutions are backed by an expert team of professionals. Our innovative security systems are vital parts of everyday life for people of every age.

ATA Systems Incorporated understands its client's need for peace of mind, that's why we focus on providing that very notion, at home, in the office or in any safe or high security alert environment.




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